On just another morning these little beans end their journey. They were born in far flung corners of the world, grown 5000 feet up in Asia, Africa and South America. They were picked by hand and selected by a keen eye, hulled and polished. Ethiopian Mocha, Indonesian Java, Colombian Excelso, Indian Monsoon Malabar, Brazilian Santos are just some that answered the call. Some were sun dried on patios before being carefully packed and shipped to England. Others washed by monsoon rains to cleanse them of excess acidity. From here they found their way to a little village in Devon for roasting. The roasting process is complex and fickle with little room for error. A subtle rise and fall in temperature and air flow makes the perfect roast environment, an endothermic process becoming exothermic, scientific method wielded by an artist. The beans expand by almost twice original size as they release gasses. After cooling they are sealed in a foil bag, a one way valve allows carbon dioxide to escape in a two weeks long degassing and storage process. The escaping carbon dioxide mellows the bean ensuring a smooth flavour. They are then sent to our shelves where they are stored until called upon by you. That's where the journey ends, with you. You are the final destination in an epic saga that has taken months, you are the last pair of hands in a chain of hundreds. Its just another morning and these little heroes have finally made it.